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Wake : The Girl by
Publication Date: February 14, 2022
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First up, bestselling author Nikki Clarke tosses convention to the wind as she reimagines Sleepy Beauty from a damsel in distress into so much more in Wake The Girl. Strange things are happening in Kansas City, a place where humans and others live in mutual awareness if not exact harmony. Someone’s been jinxing men all over town, and the assignment falls to Detectives Rajj and Khari Phillips as the city’s top warlocks and the Kansas City Police Department’s Heads of Conjure Cases. But the twins accidentally find themselves sidetracked with another bizarre mystery; who sealed a sleeping woman inside a drawer in the police morgue? Why does this woman call to every fiber of their being? What do you do when this woman calls to be kissed, and kissed passionately? You kiss her, of course. Then your twin brother kisses her too. They don’t need another mystery to solve, but this former sleeping Beauty is more than a mystery she is an enigma from the moment she opens her eyes until they close as she melts into your embrace. Can their new Sleeping Beauty unlock more than their hearts, but can she also help decipher the clues to the bigger case of men losing their lives?
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