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Bold Rhythm: A Rock Star Romance (River Valley Rebels) by Gabrielle Sands
Publication Date: March 1, 2022
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I told them they’d never make it. Three years later, they’re two of the hottest rock stars in LA. And I’m their new assistant. When my boss told me she signed a new client, the last people I expected at the meeting were two ghosts from my past. Mason, the gorgeous blue-eyed boy from my hometown who stomped all over my heart. And Kaz, his dark and brooding best friend, wrapped in mystery and ink. I kissed them once back in college. Yes, both of them. It was the same night I told them they were making a colossal mistake dropping out to move to LA. Now they’re the rock band that’s been blowing up the charts, and they’re ready to take their stardom to the next level–and I’m supposed to help them do it. This wasn’t the job I signed up for, but if I want to make it in LA, I need to suck it up and impress my boss–even if the men I’m supposed to be helping are determined to not give me a single, damn break. We don’t need to be friends. I just need to keep it professional while we spend long, long days in close quarters. Easier said than done. Bold Rhythm is the third book in the River Valley Rebels series and can be read as a standalone. It's a MFM ménage romance where the female main character does not need to choose. This is Molly's story—Adeline's sister—who you first meet in Taut Strings. Suitable for ages 18+.
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