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Insatiable: (The Damaged Series Book 1) by D. Sparks
Publication Date: May 20, 2022
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I'm broken. Love chewed me up and spat me out. It left a gaping hole in my heart for sure. I gave too much of my life for too long to a man who damn near killed me, literally. I thought love and I were through. I was ready to face my recovery and my fractured life on my own. Alone. I never wanted to trust another soul with my heart again. Until three old friends returned to my life, determined to change that. Cace, Jay, and Sean want to help me, heal me, and their biggest confession of all, love me. But I don't know if I am ready to receive what they're offering. Their hearts. I don't feel worthy of the successful men they've become, despite my success. Maybe I am just too damaged by my trauma to see what's right in front of me. Love, Insatiable love. Will they make me choose this time? Or will I have to walk away from them as I did all those years ago? I want them all. Insatiable is an 18+ Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance. Warning. Potential Triggers inside.
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