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Trial by Fire: (Queen of Arcadia Book 2) (Queen of Arcadia Series) by Dreia Wells
Publication Date: April 23, 2022
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I thought my Emergence would be the hardest part of my journey, or maybe juggling a fourth mate. Of course, it's never that easy, well, if you consider becoming the Red Dragon as easy. Fate unfortunately has made other plans, and didn't inform me! I've been snatched away from my mates and taken to Incantatia where I face the evil witch, Maurelle Queen of the Fae.To make matters worse, I am in heat! Talk about irony! Will I escape and finally reach Arcadia, or will I be doomed to a life of captivity, never to see my mates again? Trial by Fire is an 18+ Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance and the second book to the Queen of Arcadia Series.
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