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Once Upon a Rebel: Fae Rebel Academy by Violet Fox
Publication Date: February 15, 2022
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Once a rebel, always a rebel...

It’s been several weeks since I saw my little sister. I have to break out of the academy soon and find her again. Her life is in danger after all, and I need to rescue her before she ends up in the clutches of an evil vampire.

I’ve lost my only ally, and now I have no choice but to fend for myself. Ever since my wings emerged, the vampires have had a particular interest in me, and the new dean of Fae Rebel Academy is no exception.

He wants to pretty me up and turn me into a slave, making me attend special soirées where he can parade me around in front of the vampire nobles, and I need to keep my head above the water, or I will drown in this sea of blood-thirsty monsters.

I’m my sister’s only hope. But let’s face it, I’m a walking target. I have to get out of this school alive, yet I can’t do it alone.

Luckily, fortune has worked in my favor. With the help of some unsuspecting allies in the form of the old dean and his broody werewolf bodyguard, I might just get out of the school on time in order to save my little sister.

That’s if the vampires don’t get to me first, or worse...

I end up being sold to the highest bidder.

This is a medium-burn paranormal romance where the heroine has multiple love interests. Suitable for ages 16 and up.

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