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The Eclipse War (The Queen of Time and Thunder Series Book 4) by Sadie Anders
Publication Date: February 5, 2022
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I've built an entirely new life as a member of The Shadow Council, and I discovered a kind of love that I never imagined was possible. Now, an ancient force threatens to tear all that away.
After an eventful trip to the fae realm of Awilyn, we've returned to our Hollywood Hills mansion. Things are heating up here on Earth, to say the least.

My father Tuiren has put his entire existence at risk to shield us from an ancient being, our evil adversary Kellan. Now, they are both missing. It falls on us to unravel the mysteries of this primal power and put a stop to his malicious intent once and for all.

Can I find my father and work with the Shadow Council to protect the realms before it’s too late?

Don’t miss the final installment of The Queen of Time and Thunder Series, a why choose paranormal romance series with a MMMMF relationship.

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