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Irreparable: The Sundown Series Book Two by Iris James
Publication Date: June 3, 2022
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Kade, Kaz, and Wrex aren’t welcome, not anymore. It’s been five months since they barged in and shattered the peace I had created from the splinters of my previous life.
My heart pleads with my mind's decision, but the lies never end, and I don’t know who to trust.

They will find me; I have no doubt, but it is no longer clear who is meant to save me.

I am not the Sunny they let slip through their fingers. So much damage has been done, and maybe this time, I will find true peace in the arms of someone who is as broken as me.

It is a waiting game as an inferno heads toward me—toward us—and nothing will stop it.

There are only two things I am certain of: I can’t resist the temptations much longer, and death lurks in the shadows, waiting for a son to fall.

Will this rescue be what they imagined or will surprises push them further into the dark? It’s time to find out what can be salvaged and what is irreparable.

This book is a dark, paranormal reverse harem intended for an 18+ audience.

Content warning: Suicidal thoughts, emotional manipulation, noncon, dubcon, torture, blood and knife play

I think that this is book one in the series. -Paige

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