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Harem of Freaks: The Complete Series by Crystal Ash
Publication Date: February 18, 2022
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When I join the circus, the last thing I expect is to fall in love…The craziest part? It’s with shifters. I ran away from my abusive home on my eighteenth birthday and never looked back. Working at the traveling carnival is my chance for escape, for joy and independence. Or so I thought. But there’s more to this circus than I expected. Monsters lurk in the shadows. Those with fangs and claws, and the men who profit from trafficking them. Shifters are real, and they're people who need my help. The lone wolf protecting his pups. The tattooed dragon with a wicked tongue. And the prickly tiger who keeps me at arm’s length. Captured and exploited, they’re furious at being paraded as circus attractions. They might be monsters, but they’re also men. My men. Together, we must stop the shifter trade for good. I may not have fangs or claws, but it turns out I have magic of my own. And I’m not afraid to use it. Because these monsters? They’re all mine. Harem of Freaks is a complete paranormal reverse harem series with adult scenes, including M/M content. This series bundle includes the following volumes: Freak Show Abra Cadabra Smoke and Mirrors Jump through Fire Tightrope Curtain Call Backstage at the Freak Show
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