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Academy Of Blood: Reverse Harem Box Set by Bookarama Publishing
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This collection was formerly titled Vampires of the Academy by Bookarama PublishingGet this book collection of hot Reverse Harem Romance adventuresIn this collection you will find:Vampire's BiteI’m a Slayer with an ancient duty to fight against evil.Upon my acceptance into the prestigious Angel Academy, I crossed the strict headmaster, who was always on my case and this bled over to some…disagreements with my peers.I started to get bullied.I couldn’t use my Slayer skills.I had to be smarter. Then, my world was thrown into even more disarray when I met three hot vampires who helped me out of a tight spot.Vampire Shifter AcademyFollowing the death of my parents, I found myself attending Ridgeview Academy, a secret education facility reserved only for vampires and Halflings, those with only one vampire parent.The school bully caught up with me on the very first day, as if she could smell fear on me.Then three guys sparked up some possible romance!But I wondered, what are they really after?Academy for VampiresIt started out like just another ordinary day, but it ended with my worst nightmare coming true: my brother’s place had been totally ransacked and he was missing.I managed to get accepted into a top academy, reserved only for vampires.It is where I’m bound to find the answers I’m looking for but it won’t be easy.I can’t trust anyone in this place.They are all suspects, every single one of them but I know one thing, I won’t stop until I find my brother. Wicked VampiresI've sworn an oath to fulfill the quest of Serene, the legendary vampire huntress.My mother.But, vampire slaying is different than anything I could have ever imagined. There's too much at stake.Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot Reverse Harem romance reads.WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

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