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Cold Fury (The Desecration of Innocence Book 4) by Candace Wondrak
Publication Date: May 1, 2022
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When monsters play, innocence dies. The darkness is addicting, the kind of thing you start to crave when you're not paying attention. The sin, the chaos, the danger. You can never outrun fate. It will take you, it will have you, and it will claim every part of you. Just like these men have. Markus and his need for control. Will and his steadfast beliefs. Jaxon and his boy next door charm. Theo and his warmth, his protectiveness. And then there's Bennet, the one who took me. He told me the truth, and I don't want to believe it. My whole life was a lie. So many girls dead because of me, and the strangest thing is the realization that it's not the Scott men I should fear. It's my father. I was never innocent. I was always meant for the darkness and its depravity. * The Desecration of Innocence series contains triggers. You know the drill. This is the fourth book in a RH/Why Choose series, meaning our girl will not have to choose in the end. The men don't play nice; they're not heroes. If you need that, don't pick this up. *
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