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Flawed Longing : A Dark Mafia-Romance (FLAWS Book 1) by
Publication Date: July 31, 2022
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A man surrendering to the gentle embrace of cruelty, just waiting for her delicate fingers to wrap around his throat. The day he laid eyes on her, his quiet life was over. Can he reclaim it and forget her? The American A woman who, the moment she gives in, has bitterness stuffed down her throat instead of cruel sweetness. When she witnessed a murder, her life turned into a race. Will she make it to the finish line and leave the country alive? Solene A saint who is willing to tear himself apart for his past and his future, only to end up with nothing. Can he fulfill his obligations before he loses himself in his next obsession? The Irukandji Failure. Something everyone does. All the time. I thought I knew better. Would be better at keeping my surroundings in check. Always observing. Always assessing. Always expecting the worst. Never the best. For the last ten years of my adult life, I had known better. Free from failure, never believing lies or truths. Failure. I had conquered it. I had mastered my pathetic failure for so many years. Until the day I let her into my life. A love triangle full of LIES, but also full of LONGING. *** This book is volume 1 of the five part series FLAWS. Dark, consuming and slow burn mafia romance. This series dives into the depths and dark parts of a person. The themes included can be difficult to read and is only recommended for readers who like dark romances. This book and its chapters end with cliffhangers. Not all of your questions will be answered right away. Are you ready?
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