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A Death so Sweet: The Complete Series by
Publication Date: February 28, 2022
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Hey. Hey you. It's me. Lola Harding, AKA the Night Slayer, the serial killer offing the men who think they can take advantage of gals like us. I used to be an angel, but now I'm nothing but the devil, delivering a bloody justice anywhere I go. I'm not afraid of death. Bring it on, I say. Or... at least I did, and then I stumbled into the arms of the Luciano family after killing their youngest son. Tit for tat, but instead of killing me right away, they decide to have some fun with little ol' me. Use me up. Make me their pet serial killer. Who knows? Might be fun. One last ring-a-ding before the fat lady sings. I've been waiting for my final curtain call, and maybe these drop-dead gorgeous Lucianos are exactly what I need. Blood. Vengeance. Chaos. We'll have it all and more by the time this thing's over. *Contains: Shadowed Heart, Crooked Heart, and Violent Heart, along with a bonus scene never seen anywhere else. This is a steamy RH/Why Choose series, meaning multiple love interests and no choosing. TW: violence, swearing, mentions of abuse, along with others.*
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