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Released: Highgate Preparatory Academy, Book 3 by Rosa Lee
Publication Date: August 30, 2022
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What if in order to defeat the monsters that plague us, we have to forget our morals, embrace the darkness that surrounds us and become the most deadly monsters of all? Life is certainly not what I'd imagined it to be growing up. There are no white picket fences, no dream job, no handsome as f*ck husband… Well, that last part isn't strictly true. I just didn't realise his best friends would be my lovers too, one of whom is responsible for the new life growing inside me. I guess this all started with rivers of blood, and that's how it needs to end. One drop at a time our demons will be exorcised. I just hope we don't lose too much in the process. ***Warning: 18+ This book is a fast burn #whychoose romance so our leading lady won't have to choose and will end up with more than one lover. Swords will cross. Please be aware that this is a dark contemporary romance with graphic scenes that some readers may find upsetting or triggering, so please read the author’s note at the beginning. There will be sword crossing so if that's not your jam, move swiftly on. You will need to read Captured , Highgate Preparatory Academy, Book 1, and Bound, Highgate Preparatory Academy Book 2 first. *** *Disclaimer: please note. Rosa Lee cannot be held responsible for the destruction of any panties, knickers, or underwear of any kind. She recommends that you take adequate precautions before reading Captured to avoid any sticky situations.* Release date will be moved forward....
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