Wicked Betrayal: A Reverse Harem Romance (Something Wicked Book 2)Sian Ceinwen

Wicked Betrayal: A Reverse Harem Romance (Something Wicked Book 2) by Sian Ceinwen

Knowledge is power, and one secret could ruin everything. I love my new life with Dante, Nate, and Logan. They’re my three favorite men. Now that the fourth member of Wicked Stallion, Ash, has broken up with his girlfriend, though, I’m not sure how it will change things between us all. Then there’s the tiny matter of Cassie herself. She knows about my relationships, and she sent me the four worst words in the English language: We need to talk. It’s fine. Everything’s fine. Wicked Betrayal is the second book in the Something Wicked trilogy, a steamy romance series that tells the story of Lexi Sullivan and her relationships with the band members of Wicked Stallion. ⚠️⚠️This book is part two in a trilogy and contains a cliffhanger. If you don’t like cliffhangers, you may want to wait until May when this series will be completed with the final installment.⚠️⚠️