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Pride: Bound to the Devils by LM Wilson
Publication Date: April 20, 2022
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My name is Nyxia Storm, I was an ordinary person, worked as a barmaid and had a normal life. Right up until I met Randy Lust, Axle Rage, Steel Envy and Leo Pride the four members of a heavy metal band called Hell’s Chariot. They aren’t human though, far from it, the guys and Raven Greed, their youngest brother, are all quintuplets born to the king of hell himself. They call themselves devils, everyone else calls them demons, to me, they are just my friends, and maybe one day my lovers.I used to dream about the sexy band members for nearly a whole year before I met them. I was tricked into thinking they were evil murderers who had taken the lives of countless women, in reality, they were victims of a horrible plot to stop them from finding their mates. Well according to them it’s mate singular. Me. Axle is a rage demon, Randy is a Lust demon, Steel is an envy demon, Leo has really cool powers, Raven is the odd one out, I don’t really know him that well, but I feel like I do. Just like the other guys he too is a demon, but he’s a demon of greed. The evil asshole who tricked them and me was none other than the angel, Malachi. You’d think being an angel, he’d be the good guy, but the world of the supernatural isn’t as cut and dry as good verses evil. There are good demons and evil demons, the guy's father, Lucius is not a good demon. He’s the king of hell, and he lives up to that reputation, especially since he tricked me into trying to set the goddess Armageddon free. What else could go wrong?
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