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Her Every Note: A Succubus RH Romance (Succubi: "Her Every" series Book 2) by Becca  Saylor
Publication Date: February 13, 2022
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Demeter Balladeer is the mother of an incubus child. When the father of said child nearly kills her, she comes out of her captivity changed beyond recognition both inside and out. She's a succubus now. Her rescue comes in the nick of time, but... Aaron Vona doesn't know enough about his own kind. For decades, he's been cut off from other concubi after having his young heart crushed by cruel fate. When he's the only one available to save one of the beautiful but near frozen solid succubi captives, he doesn't realize just how in over his head he's getting. They're in a race against fate to undo a mistake neither planned on making. But is it a mistake after all? Can the so called responsible path actually be the wrong path? When disasters struck them down, can either trust in the joy that follows the storm? Meanwhile, a trio of stranger incubi can do nothing but wait and hope for the return of the two that call them like sirens. For their hopes and the well-being of a little boy rest on the shoulders of two people they don’t know. Paranormal succubus romance, MMMFM, Reverse Harem. Trigger warning for discussion of trauma.
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