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Captive of the Dark (Claimed by Monsters Book 2) by Sadie Moss
Publication Date: February 18, 2022
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I knew my mates had dark secrets. But I never knew there was a secret lurking in my own blood. After everything we did to try to get Donovan O’Shae off my back, one stupid mistake put me right in his crosshairs. No… scratch that. It put me in the crosshairs of his master, someone I’m 1000% sure I never want to meet. But I probably won’t have a choice in that. Because Donovan didn’t just capture me. He also managed to imprison the three beautiful, monstrous men who’ve come to mean more to me than anyone else in the world. They’ve done so much to try to keep me safe. Now it’s my turn to do whatever I have to in order to protect them from this dangerous new threat. Even if it means risking everything... Including myself. Captive of the Dark is the second book in the Claimed by Monsters series, an action-packed paranormal romance featuring a fierce woman and three damaged, sexy men.
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