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Tales of Bedlam: A Why Choose, Paranormal Romance (Bedlam Moon Book 2) by Kathy Haan
Publication Date: May 14, 2022
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Surviving in the fae realm is not for the faint of heart. Lana learns this the hard way when Dolphina Darling, cult leader and time-traveling vampire witch extraordinaire, forces her through the portal before the next Bedlam Moon. Determined to protect herself and her twins, Lana finds herself alone in the woods, cold, barefoot, and unable to use her magic. Things only go downhill from there… On her first night in Bedlam, Lana is violently attacked by a cruel fae and left for dead. To her surprise, her screams reach the ears of Finian “Finn” Drake, the Luna fae who owns these woods. Finn rushes to her aid and ends up helping Lana in more ways than one. He becomes her guide through the woods, her personal magic tutor, and a middleman between her and the four kings of Bedlam, the very men who can help Lana discover what became of her mom and grant her immortality… As Finn and Lana walk through the woods for months, they face exhaustion, wild beasts, a painful curse, and the undeniable wave of forbidden attraction between them. But when Lana’s barter with the four kings costs her everything, she’s left stranded in a strange castle, and Finn has to make a tough decision: Should he risk going to Earth to recruit Lana’s vampire mates? Will they even believe his version of events? And how will they convince the four kings to give Lana up when they think she’s the best candidate for the role of the High Queen? Even fae magic cannot work such a miracle… ***Author note: This is the second book in the Bedlam Moon series and should not be read as a standalone. Please read Bedlam Moon first. Additionally, Tales of Bedlam contains spicy content not suitable for young audiences. While this book ends on a cliffhanger, the third and final book in the installment, Wicked Bedlam, will end as a happily ever after (HEA). You won't have to wait long for book three, I promise! Tales of Bedlam contains elements of fated mates, one bed in an inn trope, and multiple POV from new characters as well as those we know and love from book one. As indicated in the blurb in book one, more members of the why choose romance join the relationship in Tales of Bedlam.***
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