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Wolf Rejected : An Omegaverse Reverse Harem Romance (Her Ferocious Mates Book 1) by Kaylin Peyerk
Publication Date: June 30, 2022
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True alphas are rare. . . And she is one. A fact Jayden Yearwood has kept hidden since the night of her sister's death. The power had come seconds too late to save her beloved twin—seconds too late to save her. For the moment Alexius rasped her final breath, her fate was sealed. If her sister could not become the next queen, the three princes demand Jayden take her place. Because she’s also an omega, and omegas are meant for breeding true alphas, not becoming them. However, in the days that follow, Jayden can’t let the final words of her sister’s murderer go. The princes will thank me for this. Someone from the castle had her sister killed, and it will not go unpunished. In the shadows each night, Jayden slinks through Ellion with her new alpha power, looking for the person responsible for her sister’s murder. Yet, the more she uncovers, the more tangled the web becomes. Now, she must find a way to be both the omega the world needs and the alpha she truly is. For the sake of her sister. For the sake of her family. Yet the princes make it incredibly hard. Pushing her buttons in all the wrong places. . . And sometimes the right ones. Will she succeed in divulging the whole truth before the final mating ceremony? This is a slow-burn reverse harem paranormal romance.
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