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The Reaper Complete Series (The Reapers) by Bo Reid
Publication Date: May 5, 2022
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BetrayalMorana Valdis was born into a life of crime. Mobsters and murder were apart of her daily life. After losing the most precious piece of her, the monster was unleashed. Named after the Goddess of Death, Morana became the darkness they always tried to keep caged. The Reaper was born. After a mysterious package is delivered to her, holding key pieces of evidence in the murder of her twin brother. Morana and her Reapers set out to seek revenge, as an unknown evil begins to close in. Can The Reapers make it out of Sanorah alive? Deception Morana Valdis has been arrested for the one murder she didn’t commit, as enemies from her past arrive in town. A battle between The Reapers and the law begins while Morana finds herself missing for a second time. The guys will race against the clock to bring her home, and they’ll burn Sanorah to the ground to ensure her safety. Relationships are strained, while trust is put to the test. Will Morana pay for her past sins, or will The Reaper Queen get her happily ever after? Bloodlines Blood makes us a family, the blood just isn’t our own. Morana Valdis is finally free of her monster, or so she thinks. Living in the snowy mountains of Aspen Colorado with her family she no longer concerns herself with the spilled blood from her past. But when that past blood shows up on her doorstep demanding her help, secrets will be uncovered and the truth might tear apart the family Morana has worked so hard to hold onto. Can The Reaper become a savoir, or will her monster demand more blood be spilled? Redemption Morana and her monster are at peace, the battle has been fought, and she came out a victor. Now she must step into her new role, no longer The Reaper of Sanorah, but something fiercer. A Mother. Along with the help of her four men, and a family not bound by blood, the Reaper Queen must step off her throne and pass along her crown to the next Valdis legend. However you can take The Reapers out of Sanorah but you can’t take Sanorah out of The Reapers and maybe, just maybe it’s time for all the monsters to finally go home. "This was one amazing book not meant for sensitive readers." -Amazon Review "Everything I didn’t know I needed." -Amazon Review "Everything from the beginning to the explosive end will have you on the edge of your seat." -Amazon Review "There are few authors who could take a morally flexible killer, bloodthirsty and emotionally withdrawn, and make her your dearest confidante." -Amazon Review
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