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Curse of Silver and Blood: Book Two of the Celestial Curse Series by S.Y. Moon
Publication Date: January 4, 2022
Amazon Book Description

A Dragon shifter ally. A looming threat against the gods. Secrets finally revealed.Fight. Run. Hide. Repeat.After months on the run from the dark Fae forces, our happily ever after is one secret away from falling apart. On the heels of a revelation, a surprise attack leaves us reeling, and separated by more than just lies and mysteries.A new ally, sweeps onto the scene and promises to help me develop my powers and find my way back to my mates. He’s distant. Vengeful. Our tenuous relationship slowly blossoms into something passionate and dangerous. But first, I have to stop the dark Fae queen from awakening her king and his army, even if it means throwing aside my old life and ending hers. The running and hiding has to come to an end, and when it does, a dark goddess is set to rise.

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