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Sacred Honor (Dragon Royals Book 3) by May Dawson
Publication Date: April 17, 2022
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Chased by the Elder Dragon Royals, my men and I flee our beloved kingdom and sail across the sea to the unknown Fae lands. We're ready to unravel all their lies.
The Elders claim that prophecy says the first female dragon shifter will end the kingdom.

What if the first female dragon shifter will just end them?

But I'm not the only one with secrets in my past. Jaik and Caldren, brothers with a deep rivalry--and my love--have to face their dark past that left a deep rift.

And all these dragon shifters I've trained with, especially Branok and Lynx, have to face what they did to me when they thought I was their enemy, Lucien Finn.

To survive the new Fae lands--and the elder Dragon Royals--we're going to have to forgive each other for the past and forge a new future. Otherwise, our kingdom really will fall--and so will we.

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