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Frozen Feelings by Arabell Redfox
Publication Date: January 2, 2022
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Cassy gets dragged to the holiday party at her boyfriend's job after a long day at work. Partway through the party, he trips her making her fall into the fountain for his own amusement. Soaked and humiliated she quickly turns to leave. But before she can make it out of she gets caught by the two (Irish) owners of the company who insist on making things right…..TogetherI should really preface this book by letting you know that there is technically a plot but this is a novella for a reason so don't expect too much plot. A MMF, Romance Novella (Please check TW on my website author-arabell-redfox. mailchimpsites. com)The release date says 1/8/2022 but my goal is to get it out before the New Year
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