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Fated Paths: Territory Walk Book 3 by Kelsey Soliz
Publication Date: April 1, 2022
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This whole journey so far to find mates has felt completely pre-ordained. Caden being in my life, choosing to stay with Brett's family, accidentally marrying Felix on the beach while I was drunk and then accidentally claiming his twin brother that I thought was in fact Felix.It shouldn't surprise me to realize I've been connected to Felix much longer than I originally realized, but it stuns me to know that these guys were literally made for me. With the Northeast Territory behind us and the Desert Hills Territory upon us, I'm looking forward to the Connector Convention to spend some time with my guys, and if I manage to get them on stage for a wet t-shirt contest, then we all win, right? There's people everywhere at this convention, and it seems like there's someone here I'm supposed to find, even if they keep evading me. Another person who is not evading me is Donny, who keeps showing up in my life. This time, though he might end up saving it. This is the third book in the territory walk series, and is an extension of the Hemlock Academy series. Best if you read the other two books in the series before reading this one, because you'll be crazy confused if you don't. This is a slow-building reverse harem for 18+
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