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Deranged: A Sharing Love Romance (Bad Boys of Voyageur Bay Book 1) by TB Mann
Publication Date: November 1, 2022
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She’s the girl next door. One of our best friends. We all want her, but none of us can have her. I’ve spent the past sixteen years looking out for her, protecting her from all the dangers of the world. A shoulder to cry on when her friends were mean. Fists when people threatened her. But somewhere along the way, feelings changed, intensified. Now she’s who I dream of when I close my eyes. She’s the yardstick I use to measure all other women and men. She’s who I want… But I can’t have her. Neither can my two best friends and bedmates. It would be all kinds of wrong. It’s why she won’t ever know. It doesn’t matter how deranged it makes us feel to watch her with other guys. She’ll get to experience life, to grow up and do all the things that we got to do at her age. Even if it kills us. I’m Jason. And along with my buddies Peter and Jarrod, this is our story. Author’s note: This is a darker, slow burn, age gap MMMF story that will push boundaries and challenge your thoughts about what constitutes a loving relationship. All characters are of a legal age of consent.
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