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Her Broken Beasts: A Reverse Harem Monster Paranormal Romance (Shadow World Book 1) by Amber Ella Monroe
Publication Date: July 30, 2022
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While trying to find a loophole to a spell, I accidentally summon a monster—a powerful, dangerous, dark entity from the shadow world. No worries, I'll just send him back. That was the plan... But one night of seduction left me powerless and chained by the beast who’ll use me to do anything he commands. Especially once he discovers the power I possess. Now that he knows my strengths and my weaknesses, he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. And what he wants is impossible to get without grave consequences. To fuel my magic, I’ll need massive otherworldly power. Power which can only come from a trio of beasts at my side. When his brothers join us, there is no stopping these villains. Or is there? I crave their savage touch just as much as a I seek freedom. Caught between a world of magic and monsters, I have but one option left. I make a deal with three devils. It’s going to cost me. Either my life or my soul. Maybe both. And chances are, I’ll be their captive forever. HER BROKEN BEASTS is the first book in the new Shadow World series by USA Today Bestselling Author Amber Ella Monroe.
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