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Hell View Manor by Crea Reitan
Publication Date: July 2, 2022
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What do you see when you look into the windows of Hell? I’ve always been a bit of a thrill seeker - questioned the unknown and the impossible. I want answers to everything! So when a new organization pops up in an old abandoned elderly facility promising that they can allow you to see into the pits of Hell, I’m first on the list to sign up. When my time finally comes and I’m offered a week’s long stay at Hell View Manor, I jump at the chance. I’m enthralled with what I see. Fascinated by the torture, the screaming souls, and the demons administering the eternal punishments. Although we’re told the windows are a one way glass, I start to doubt that they are when a man being tortured begins to stare straight at me through the window. And then he starts talking to me. He’s telling me he doesn’t belong there. He was framed. Innocent. And he begs me to help. As I begin to poke around, it feels as if there are eyes on me wherever I go. I’m being watched - stalked. And then I’m pretty sure I accidentally break one of Hell’s windows and it’s no longer a one way view but a doorway in. Now I wonder if I’m going to get sucked into Hell. If I’ll be able to escape Hell View Manor. Or if I even want to leave. That’s when I meet the president of the company and I swear, I’m looking at the Devil himself. This is a polyamorous story with content not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to graphic content. If you would like to stay up to date on this series, join my Facebook group to get teasers and information first! Crea's Godlings -; please visit my website for full list of content and warnings:
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