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Pretty: A Reverse Harem Romance (Queens of Disaster Book 1) by Katelyn  Beckett
Publication Date: April 28, 2022
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One moment can change your life forever.
A wild party turned everything upside down, and I wasn’t even there. My friends, gone, my life, a disaster. Where once I’d been the princess of the beauty pageant circuit, now I'm nothing.

My make-up vlogging channel won't catch on, I've lost my job, and I've got a diagnosis: cancer. Worse, I don't have insurance and there's no way to pay for treatment. Without help, I'm screwed. So, I turn to five men, all younger than me, who have a mind for business, a desire to help me, and a love for trouble.

Whipped into the black underbelly of their work, I find myself struggling between keeping a professional distance, fulfilling what I'm asked to do, and wanting our partnership to be something more. Yet, what can I offer to these brilliant guys who are literally keeping me alive?

Pretty is intended for mature audiences only due to steamy scenes and some trigger warnings. This is an older fmc with younger guys, age gap but with a twist! Happily ever afters are guaranteed, especially when the girl gets all of the boys. Why choose if you don't have to?

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