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Replaced: A Second Chance Reverse Harem Romance (Best Idea Ever Book 1) by Katelyn Beckett
Publication Date: May 24, 2022
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"I want to open up our relationship."
Those seven little words rip my simple life apart. After years of devotion, he drops this on me at our anniversary dinner. I don't know what to think of it. All I've ever tried to do is be a good wife to him and now he wants an open marriage.

I've always thought of myself as a one-man woman, yet when he drags another girl into his lap at the office holiday party, my heart breaks into a million pieces. He hasn't looked at me like that in years. Well, if he wants me to explore my options, so be it.

Goodness knows those options want to explore me. Does he think no one will want a broken, used-up thing like me? Now that I'm back on the menu, it seems like everybody wants a bite. All these boys hear is a dinner-time triangle ringing.

It's time to feast.

REPLACED is book 1 in Katelyn Beckett's Best Idea Ever series, following a disabled female main character and her charming service dog as she navigates a forcibly opened marriage and the men who desperately want her to fall for them. This Reverse Harem romance is for adults only due to steamy spicy scenes. Our girl will get all the boys all to herself in this happily ever after guaranteed series; why choose? Members of her harem will be added throughout the story. This one is pure contemporary so no shifters allowed!

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