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Butler: Onyx Rebels Book 4 by S L Davies
Publication Date: September 23, 2022
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When the news came that Bandit was no longer coming back to Lalbert and he had found a boyfriend, Butler was hurt. More hurt than he thought he would be. It was true that he and Bandit had never labelled what they had, and that was a mistake on Butler's part. Now though, his heart ached. Cassidy grew up knowing what it was like to be born into a breeding facility. He'd managed to escape and hide since he was twelve years old. As an omega witch he was destined for either death or to be raped and kept pregnant. But now he was tired. He was sick of running. What he never expected was to end up in the town of Lalbert surrounded by people who wanted to end the breeding facilities for good. This is the fifth book in the Onyx Rebels series. There are themes and language that could be triggering. Scenes and language suited to 18+. This is an MM Mpreg story.
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