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House of Berserkers: The Complete Series by Lacey Carter Andersen
Publication Date: June 10, 2022
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As a female berserker, I’ve long ago accepted that I can’t shift. That barbaric side of my people is reserved for the males only.
So no one is more surprised than me when I go berserk, kill a dangerous man, and find myself in a frightening situation.

Far from my family and friends, a strange ally from my past stands as my protector, even though he has secrets of his own. And when a handsome mutant is drawn to me, and a dragon shifter names me as his mate, I’ve got more than my hands full.

Except, apparently, fate has a sense of humor because life only gets more complicated when a terrifying man claims that I will be his bride, whether I want to be or not. This psycho has named himself king of the berserkers, and he’s determined to make me his queen.

I have three sexy men at my side, a power within me I don’t understand, and a war to stop. It’s an easy choice, really, to take this all on, because if I lose… I lose everything.

HOUSE OF BERSERKERS is the complete House of Berserkers series including the books Untamed, Unknown, and Unstable. This is a collection of steamy reverse harem novels with a strong heroine and three protective alpha heroes. It doesn’t have any cheating and does end with a happily ever after.

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