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Sweet Retaliation (The Retribution Series Book 2) by R.K. Eefe
Publication Date: May 31, 2022
Amazon Book Description

One down, a lot more to go. It's not over yet. Now it's time to strike.
With Nikolas out of the way, it was supposed to be getting easier. Yet, it doesn't.
With some new players in the game, it's hard to see who's on our side.
Old friends, new family, but more importantly... New enemies.

Something invisible is lurking in the dark, and I have no idea how to stay out of its claws.
The one thing I do know is that I have to keep them safe, even if it means I have to put myself in more danger.
Doing my best to give myself fully to my guys, I know there are secrets that need to stay hidden.
If the truth comes out, so will my worst nightmare.

Sweet Retaliation is book two of three in The Retribution Series. This is a paranormal MMFM reverse harem romance, because why choose? Please be aware that there's a trigger warning. Please proceed with caution. The trigger warning is here for a reason. If you doubt this is the book for you, please don't read it.

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