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An Unexpected Love by Serena Lindahl
Publication Date: March 13, 2022
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1816 - London, EnglandCan unexpected love survive in a society built on etiquette and virtue? Women are expected to be seen and not heard, but Jo Kemp was raised differently and groomed to be her father's heir after the unfortunate death of her brother. The charade continues after her father dies because she has no interest in becoming a clueless debutante for the elitist ranks of London's aristocracy. Unfortunately, Jo can't remain unseen. When her twin's murderer invades her sanctuary and threatens the future she's built, a brooding young duke and his two brothers might present her with the only way to escape her cousin's clutches. Despite her adversary's refusal to surrender his ambitions, she's reluctant to part with her independence and uncertain about the inherent risks posed by the unconventional arrangement. Will the men who desire to court Jo accept her as she is, or do they plan on changing her to protect their reputations? Does the fiend that haunts her past and endangers her future destroy everything she has built and become? Can she grasp the opportunity to explore an unexpected love before it's too late? **This is a slow burn, full-length, whychoose novel set in the Regency time period.
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