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Curse Of The White Dragon: The Queen by E Darkwood
Publication Date: February 2, 2022
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It is done. At long last the tired journey has concluded.- What's that you say? It couldn't possibly be over? If time after time the lands have suffered how could it be that this time the curse is threat no longer? Aaah, but all those before lacked knowledge. They lacked resourcefulness and lateral thinking — they also didn't have Ashkalon The Behead-! What's that? No. That can't be right. And even if by some cruel twist of fate *they did* then they couldn't possibly- What's that? Destiny will take care of it? ... If you'll excuse me I need to go pack my bags. - - - Please note this series has a prequel and although it is not necessary to have read it to understand the overall tale, it certainly adds another layer. Also note this is the last book in a four part medium burn reverse harem (but don't judge it too hard for it) and the books should be read in order.
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