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Cyberevolution Aftermath II: Hercules HC600 by Kaitlyn O'Connor
Publication Date: January 14, 2022
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Captain Amanda Lee isn’t certain of whether she’s been rescued or captured by the trio of massive woodsmen who come upon her after she crashes.Unfortunately, although Amanda holds the ship until everyone can jump to safety, she doesn't manage to make it to the ground entirely intact herself. Injured, lost in the wilderness of an alien world, her chances of survival aren't good, but she isn't convinced the handsome strangers that help her can be trusted either. Especially when she discovers they aren't men at all. They're cyborgs--dangerous rogues.When Caleb suggests that they should try to convince the woman they've rescued to accept them as mates, Kameron and Trinity think he's a fool, but once the suggestion has been made they can't dismiss it--despite the fact that Amanda seems more alarmed than thrilled by their efforts to woo her.
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