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Marked Wolf: Iron Beast Pack by Angelica Aquiles
Publication Date: March 18, 2022
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I should have died the day I got attacked and bitten by a wolf. Hey there! I’m Kat and the day I caught my husband cheating my life changed for the better or worse you’ll have to see. The same night I get ambushed by four angry wolves my wolf thought she could take them on so she foolishly tried to attack one of them but we blacked out and woke up in an unknown location. That’s where I meet four sexy men. The four Alpha’s who take me away from my old life. Tyler the sexy nerd Benji the sexy rockstar Az the sexy killer Ash the sexy leader Notice I say “sexy” that’s because they're all darn lickable even if I would have loved to think otherwise about Ash and Az who have clearly shown they don’t want me. Tyler and Benji make me feel wanted like I haven’t felt in years… Wanted. But I’m still married. Should I give in to this desire? If you like older MC with kids and four sexy as sin men then this book is for you.
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