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Stray: Denver Alpha Book One (Grimm Brothers' Tattoo World 6) by November Sweets
Publication Date: February 16, 2022
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Things are finally going well for me. After years of being on the run from a mad man. I finally feel like I can settle down in one place with the man; well vampire; that I love. Of course things can’t stay that way for long. Happiness I guess just wasn’t meant to be part of my story. Abducted from the strip club where I work, I wake in a new place and know my life will never be the same. Now I’m locked in a cage with an Alpha wolf that I don’t know, and for some reason he is convinced that I’m his mate. Sorry buddy, I’m an Omega cougar shifter and even though my cougar wants me to submit to you and your Alpha-ness, I won’t. What am I to do though when he is so damn tempting, and the drugs these evil bastards are pushing make it impossible to resist him? When the heat strikes and I feel like I’m burning alive, do I let him put out the flames? Or do I suffer so that I don’t stray? Will anyone rescue us before things go too far? Will my vampire lover forgive me if they don’t? I’m honestly afraid of the answers to both of those questions. Stray is the first in a new duet in the Grimm Brothers' Tattoo world, this can be read as just a duet but it would be better for your enjoyment to have read the others first as many of our favorites make an appearance in the duet. This book is only intended for 18+ as it has situations that are not suitable for anyone younger, including but not limited to language, sexual situation, dubcon, violence, and more that will be spelled out in more detail in the warning in the book.
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