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Claimed Alpha Kings (The Wind Witch Series Book 4) by Gina Manis
Publication Date: April 22, 2022
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My magic is growing every day, and Malaki and Tobias are finally acting like brothers again. Everything is moving fast as the rebellion has begun. Mountainside’s people have finally had enough of the Fire King and his Lords. My visions are taking me everywhere now, and unrest is everywhere. My sister witches are facing their own problems in their homelands, and we all know the finally battle will be in the Fire Realm. To get there, we must save our people. Each of the realms needs a king. One that will fight for the people and give them their freedom. In the heat of war, I must face this issue and claim Mountainside’s first king. My heart tells me it should be both Malaki and Tobias, The Alpha Kings, but Malaki doesn’t want it. He still seeks revenge for his family and the love he lost long ago. He wants his kingdom back in the Water Realm. Can I still show him that his place is with me and Tobias? Or will I lose him completely?
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