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Queen's Fated: A Paranormal, Fated Mates Romance (All the Queen's Knights Book 4) by Evie Ellis
Publication Date: January 28, 2022
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This is the final book and now a completed series

My three fated mates are working together, but who will be caught in the cross-fire?

My knights vow they’ll provide whatever it takes to protect me and for us to have our happy ending. But I discover my knights are not who I thought. No, they are so much more. They are only the sexiest shifters I could ever imagine, but when…

One stabs me;

One tries to take what’s mine;

And one rejects me and retreats into the shadows where he started.

I now know I have to take matters into my own hands to get what I need, and what I need is my happy ever after. And although everybody calls for me to shelter from the dark king. I can’t any longer. And with the magical binds of my fated knights, I’m closer to breaking a spell that ties me to the dark king.

But the closer I get, I realise who is beneath the mask the dark king wears for everyone else.

And the trouble is, he may be the love I never knew I needed.

This is the fourth and final book in the series.
This is a paranormal, fated mates, rejected mates, reverse harem romance with steamy times and a HEA.

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