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Saving Memphis (Memphis Duet Book 2) by Bre Rose
Publication Date: March 6, 2022
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Ashlynn I thought by running he wouldn’t find me and I could protect the ones I loved. How wrong was I. He found me and the threats continued. I thought this time was different, I had the guys, who swore to protect me. What we never suspected was that there was also a threat closer than we knew. Aiding him in his desire to take me. He is trying to break me, he thinks by torturing me he can control me. He’s wrong, this time I will fight with everything I have. I will win. Kaleb We have a mole in our club and as if that wasn’t bad enough, someone has taken our girl. What we never suspected was who the treachery would come from. He doesn’t know who he crossed this time. We are the Memphis Hellions and we will find and avenge our girl and our club. Hold on Ashlynn, we are coming for you and the roads will be paved with the blood of all those involved. *** Warning this is a medium burn dark reverse harem. The FMC will have multiple love interests and will not have to choose. This book does contain triggering elements of, graphic violence and graphic sexual situations to include non con and dub con. If these are triggering elements for you please do not read.
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