Steele's Salvation (Monstrous Hearts)Leeah  Taylor

Steele’s Salvation (Monstrous Hearts) by Leeah Taylor

Hi, I’m Lilith Boudreaux and I am a  super magnet for trouble. New regent to my mother’s coven? I’m the girl.  Secretly more than meets the eye? Yep, that’s me.  The Vampire Conclaves long awaited Queen? Crap… that’s trouble. I came home to take my mother’s place as regent to the Blood Crescent coven following her death. How hard can it be to smile, nod, and lead the witches of Rivercrest?  Should be easy, right?  If easy is finding out I’m also mate and Queen to the Greystone brothers—the most powerful vampires in Rivercrest—then this will be a piece of cake. There’s just a teensy little law forbidding me, a witch, from consorting with vampires. Oh, and it’s punishable by death.  The secrets I keep will suffocate me.   The pressure to be something I’m not will crush me.  My sanity hangs by a string. And my only salvation may very well be my demise —Steele Greystone.  Steele’s Salvation is a standalone why choose paranormal romance in the Monstrous Hearts series.