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Their Domme (Queen of Hearts Series Book 3) by Suki Williams
Publication Date: November 11, 2022
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Call girls aren’t meant for relationships, and my stalker is all too eager to teach me a lesson about staying in my place. They’ve taken my brother, and they won’t stop until I’m stripped of everything I’d finally started to believe I could have—my guys, my career, and a new life. The deeper I dig into the shadows of the trafficking ring, the closer to home I get. I never wanted to go back to that hell hole, but for Thomas… Well, I’d face the devil himself to get my brother back. I’m the one in charge this time, and we’re racing against the clock to save not only Thomas, but the future we’d hoped to build. Will we find out who my stalker is before the clock runs out, or will that fucker bring us all to our knees?
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