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HIDDEN HEAT: An Omegaverse Standalone by M.J. Marstens
Publication Date: July 30, 2022
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ONE NIGHT—ONE FAVOR—THAT CHANGED HER FATE FOREVER… The alpha of Shady Pines is looking for a mate and announces at the Blue Moon Festival he’ll choose one. I have no intention of going, but when my sister gets sick, I make a dangerous promise. Pretend to be her. Capture the alpha’s attention. Secure her position as his mate. Easy, right? Except the alpha doesn’t want a mate just for himself but for his entire pack. Circumstances force me to keep pretending as I become friendlier and friendlier with the men who think I’m someone else. Slowly, my hardened heart melts, and I find myself yearning for things I can never have, but I’m nothing more than a barren fraud. I’m lying to my sister and to the men I’ve fallen in love with, but what will they do when they learn the truth? Because I’m hiding more than meets the eye. This omegaverse standalone features high heat, knotty scenes, growling, gushing, groveling, and kink praise—because who doesn’t want to told they’re a good girl? It is a contemporary RH with MM, an HEA, and no shifting.
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