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Chastity: A Reverse Harem Standalone by AJ Wolf
Publication Date: March 11, 2022
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I have everything a woman could ever ask for.Beauty. Riches. Men. And a reputation that precedes me. I've dutifully played the narrative they’ve laid out for me, living my life with a silent goal—to take back the company that rightfully belongs to the Bordeaux women. It’s time the self-righteous bastards that sit on my fortune find their way to the bottom of the bayou. And no one, not even the three men that have unknowingly set their sights on tearing down my only shot at getting what I deserve, can stop me. --Merrick-- The old flame that still burns beneath my ribs. --Brookes-- The carefree playboy who gives my own wanton ways a run for the money. --And Weston-- The man who can both figuratively and literally bring me to my knees with a simple twist of his lips. They have stumbled into my path of destruction and now I need to make a choice I never thought I’d have to. Do I give up on my birthright all in the name of love? Or do I take them down with the rest? Then again, why should I choose? I am Chastity Bordeaux and I get whatever I want. All is fair in love and war ---------------- Chastity is a FMMM reverse harem standalone with themes that some readers may find triggering. Read at your own discretion.
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