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Blood-Soaked Kings: Kings of Raider Prep #2 by: Rose Sugar
Publication Date: November 12, 2021
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The Evil Sidhe has his work cut out for him during the Trial, the ultimate test of survival and the last hurdle to taking his father’s kingdom. He will happily cover himself in blood to no longer be under his father’s and uncles’ control ever again. The urge to reign as a crime King beside the Blood Angel is just icing on the cake for him, so long as he survives.
Let the new semester begin at Raider Preparatory High School. New people have transferred to school giving the four Kings a chance to force the new students and staff to come to heel. The newcomers can also choose to leave Raider Prep either alive or a in body bag. It’s their school, no one is going to interupt their ruling, especially not Natalie’s ex-boy friend. They are about to see who these so called pretty boys really are.
Alejandro Guererro has transferred to Raider Prep with his Household Members to do one thing, bring his Blood Angel home so he can chain her to his bed where she belongs. He will have her and these four pretty boys will die just for touching what is his. He will find a way under the rules of the Cards to make it happen. She will not escape him.

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