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Carnal Cryptids 2: Southeast by Vera Valentine
Publication Date: January 31, 2022
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With another summer on the Jersey shore coming to a close, Jess was more than ready to hang up her water park vest until next year. Still recovering from the shock of being kidnapped and nearly killed, she's barely had time to process the fact that monsters are real.

The impulsive offer to let her repentant abductor-turned-protector crash on her couch is going better than anticipated. So well, in fact, that inviting him along on her annual road trip is a surprisingly easy choice. But when old acquaintances, unresolved desires, and ancient impulses enter the mix, their straight shot down I-95 is suddenly full of dangerous curves.

A threat from the past in their rearview mirror.

Raw hunger, hot and heavy as a swamp.

Sharp, vicious smiles, sinuous as a river.

1400 miles to go.

Carnal Cryptids 2: Southeast is a paranormal RH monster romance, which means that the female main character is attracted to more than one male love interest, and doesn’t need to (or want to!) choose. The monstrous men that love our heroine - and each other, quite frequently - all bring elements of horror, fear, interesting anatomy, and urban legend / cryptid goodness to the mix.

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