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Regrets, Presley: Love Notes Book 2 by Autumn Reed
Publication Date: February 28, 2022
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As Country Music's Sweetheart, I'm taking the world by storm...until my boyfriend exposes my deepest, darkest secret on national television. Now, I'm disgraced. A liar. A fraud. And I'm officially done. In a desperate attempt to escape Nashville and everything about my life in the spotlight, I end up at a horse sanctuary in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming. It should be the perfect refuge, but I wasn't counting on three tempting cowboys to complicate my life further. Clayton is a big-hearted single father who insists he's too old for me. Beckett is a fun-loving ladies' man who never fails to make me smile. And Sawyer despises me on sight but keeps showing up to defend my honor. I might be content hiding from the world, but there's no hiding from my growing feelings for these men who have a talent for saving me. If only I could figure out how to protect them from the chaos that follows a celebrity, fallen from grace. *Love Notes is a series of interconnected, reverse harem standalone novels.
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