Touched by Darkness (The Cursed Realm Book 1) by Taylor Fox

Touched by Darkness (The Cursed Realm Book 1) by Taylor Fox

I just killed the Chosen One.Guy deserved a crown. King of A**holes. No one is going to miss him.

That’s what I think for exactly two seconds before I know I’m screwed.

With a strange power brewing inside me, I have to outrun not only the human police but the Supernatural Council. Turns out the Chosen One was kind of important. Who would have guessed?

At least I’m not alone. For the first time in my life, someone has my back. Unfortunately, the hot vampire keeping me safe could quickly turn me into his late-night snack if he wanted to…
Shh, don’t tell anyone, but I wouldn’t even mind.

Can I get a hang of my powers before I’m arrested, killed, and/or eaten? Or will my adventure end before I manage to kick off these heels?
(Seriously, they’re killing me.)

TOUCHED BY DARKNESS is the first book (60,000+ words) in THE CURSED REALM series. This series is about embracing and exploring those dark, strange thoughts you never share with anyone. This is a Why Choose/ RH Paranormal Romance, so expect curse words (because there’s something about the intonation in them that no other words can emulate), multiple partners (from different races, backgrounds, colors, and flavors), steamy scenes (because I really like those), M/M scenes (yeah, it’s one of those books) AND a cliffhanger. Yeah, I know, I know, sorry. But! The second book is just around the corner, and you won’t even get all that mad.
If one of these makes you clutch your pearls, please, skip this book. Don’t force yourself. Go read someone else — thousands of amazing authors write exactly what you want to read.
If you like steamy paranormals with loads of action and a ragtag team that becomes family, this one is for you.
For adults only!