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Tanquil: KINK Book 2 by S L Davies
Publication Date: April 29, 2022
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KINK was starting to slow down. Many of the members were now mated. The owner of KINK, Asher, asks Carter to organize a breeding night. Carter's number one kink, breeding. He loved it. Tanquil had been a member of KINK for just about ever. Her kink, breeding. The idea of a breeding night was so appealing and Tanquil readily agreed to go as Carter's partner. Lincoln adored Tanquil. The complication, he was her boss. So, when he gives into her request to join her for a night of debauchery at club KINK he isn't quite prepared for the connections he makes. Brandt never really saw himself as kinky. But the advertisement he stumbled across on the club KINK website about a breeding party had him curious and might be the cure to his boredom. This is a Reverse Harem story with potentially triggering subjects. The scenes and language are suited to 18+. This is a fast paced book, with fairly graphic detail. KINK Series Book One: Freya (Blood play, sadomasochism) Book Two: Tanquil (Cum play, breeding) Book Three: Gunner (Pet play) Book Four: Newlyn (Feeder, feedee) Book Five: Aina (sadomasochism) Book Six: Ione (Age play)
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