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Second Chance Daddies (Liberty Littles Book 3) by Lucky Moon
Publication Date: January 31, 2022
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Will she finally get her three Daddy bears? Or is there too much history?

They were all so young back then. So not ready to share. Yasmin knew she shouldn’t, but she had favorites. There was the one she liked. The one who liked her. And the one — by the end — whose guts she hated.

When Yasmin arrives in Liberty - a growing sanctuary for Littles and Bigs - she’s ready to move forward. She’s lost so much, and she needs to look to the future. But when she runs into three infuriatingly hot Irish brothers who are running the pub in the town, the past comes back to haunt her. Big style.

What are they doing here? The guys who messed up her love life forever? There’s Conor — the sporty one, and his identical twin, Finn — the clever one. And then there’s Shay. The moodiest, most unpredictable guy she ever met. Ugh, Shay. The guy who ruined everything back when they were eighteen.

But when Yasmin is forced to stay in Liberty, she can’t keep away from the three brothers. Gradually, secrets and truths are uncovered between the four of them, and unexpectedly s*xy opportunities arise. Turns out, the squabbling brothers aren’t boys anymore. They’re Daddies now. Grizzly, overprotective, and looking for a Goldilocks to share. Can they learn from their past mistakes, or are they doomed to fail again?

This is a STEAMY MMMF Reverse Harem Age Play second chance romance featuring consenting adults who are perfect for each other. The heroine ends up with three seriously doting Daddies. It includes spanking, suspense, a ton of heart, and a full-blooded Happy Ever After. Why choose? ;) Enjoy!

Book Three in the Liberty Littles series, set in the fictional town of Liberty, Texas: an abandoned mining town that is slowly transformed into a perfect haven for Littles and their devoted Doms. The books can be read in any order, and as standalones, but best enjoyed chronologically as part of the series.

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